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"Straightforward and simple GBR in the aesthetic region"

PD Dr. med. dent. Nadja Nänni is responsible for one of the highlights of "Geistlich + YOU3": the virtual workshop. She tells us what she is most looking forward to and what workshop participants can expect from Geistlich vLabTM.
February 23, 2022

What is the benefit for workshop participants of taking part in "Geistlich + YOU3"?

You will be part of an interactive online event that offers a collaborative learning and experience. We first work on the theoretical basics, then we get into practice and implement the skills learned under my guidance. This is done independently on the model.

What motivates you to lead a workshop in an online format?

I am very pleased to meet an interested audience, to enter into dialogue with them, despite the still valid travel restrictions. I expect colleagues who want to learn the individual steps of the L-Shape technique and later benefit from it themselves through application.

How does the workshop work in concrete terms?

At the kick-off, there is a short presentation, followed by hands-on training. This is carried out independently by all participants at their current location. They use the Geistlich vLabTM Workshop Kit provided for this purpose. Each participant can complete the exercise at his or her own pace.

What are your current research focuses?

Currently, I am mainly concerned with peri-implant diseases, short implants and hard & soft tissue regeneration.

If you had to put the upcoming workshop into a slogan, what would it be?

"Uncomplicated and simple GBR in the aesthetic region."